About Nick Wagner

Nick Wagner

Date of Birth: December 2, 1978
Hometown: Hartford, WI
Status: Married



Racing has always been apart of my life. Growing up, my father raced a Sportsman car at Slinger Speedway. I helped him with anything that he would allow. I loved it. As I got older, my father decided to give up racing for me. He started me in Go-Karts at the age of 10. It was my calling. I wouldn't say I was good from the get go, but I loved the learning experience. I liked to see how and, more importantly, why things worked. I loved to fix things, tweek on things to see what made it go faster and what worked and didn't. 

It was alwas a family affair too. We were always traveling together. With my immediate family and my racing family. The people you meet along the way become your family too.   I eventually got better and became a 5-Time National Champion. I really could not have felt more on top of the world. Everything I had been working for, my family had been working and traveling for, all became surreal and worth it.  I eventually got married and my wife became pregnant. She ended up going into the hospital due to pre-term labor. After being in the hospital for almost 2 months, our son, Stihl, was born. Still too early. He was 12 weeks premature and needed to be in the hospitaized. We struggled, but he eventually came home after 100 days. He still needed a lot of extra care and attention for over a year. Needless to say, I was no longer racing Go-Karts.

After things got settled down and our son was getting better. I couldn't stop thinking about how much I missed the racing. I think everyone knew that is what I was supposed to do. I seen a little 4-cylinder for sale across the street from my house that was used for the Slinger Bee division at Slinger Super Speedway. It peeked my interest. Next thing I knew. I was pushing the car back to my house.  That is when I started to race at Slinger. I eventually got a different car for free from one of my friends, stripped it down and worked on it with my dad once again. After the 1st full year of racing, I became 2nd in points in the division. The 2nd year,2011, I broke track records and became the Slinger Bee Champion. Getting nothing but support from everyone of my family members and friends along the way.



Hartford Union High School
Class of 1997 · Hartford, Wisconsin

Moraine Park Technical College, West Bend, WI


Racing, spending time with family and friends, working at the race shop, snowmobiling, four-wheeling, hunting and working out.


Go Karting:

2-Time State Champion

4-Time Midwest Champion

4-Time Grand National Champion

5-Time National Champion


2010- Slinger Bee: 2nd in Points

2011- Slinger Bee: Track Record Holder & Track Champion

2012-Super Late Model: 9th in Points


Crew Chief: Jim Wagner & Kenny Lemberger  Crew: Brenden Bolling, Brian Wagner ,Tim Galecke & Bear Marks

Chassis: Reed Racing Howe  Engine: Motor Masters 9 to 1  Body: Impala SS



April 27
Slinger, WI