Recap of 2011 season in Slinger Bee Division.

September 18, 2012
Recap of 2011 season in Slinger Bee Division.


Recap of 2011 season in Slinger Bee Division. 17 Fast Times, 9 Wins, Broke Track Record and points Champion. After getting the championship, we decided to move up to Super Late Model. It's a big decision and move from Slinger Bee, but it is where we really wanted to be.

April 17th - First practice.-We rented the track to take the car out for the first time. Practice went well. The first time around the track in that car was nothing like I was expecting. But, it went well and got good advice and tips from the crew. Getting excited for the first race.

April 28th- Second Practice rained out

April 29th-First race of the Season. Nerves kicked in and heartrate pounding. Qualified with an 11.9, starting    . As soon as I pull out on the track all the nervousness went away and my heart beat slower than normal. I was completly calm. It was a 65 lap feature and i had already avoided a lot of trouble and crashes. Then, with just 6 laps to go, the 21 car spun out in front of me, there was nothing I could do when we hit it popped the right front tire which shot me head on into the wall. I knew right away that the car was junk. All the nights in the shop and all the time, money and effort was dimolished in that one second. I searched for my glasses, (which ended up under my brake pedal), put them on, crawled out of my smashed car and walked back to my hauler. Never looked back.

May 1st- Starting to look at the damage and getting started to try and get this thing back together. The guys came over and we started to sort through and take things apart. We got it down to the frame and I dropped the frame off the get re-done and welded back together.

May 6th- RAINOUT! I got lucky. The car wasn't close to being ready, so we were kind of happy to hear that the race was canceled. More time to work on the car.The following weekend is just practice, no race. (Due to Mother's Day)

May 13-Practice. We were hoping to make it to the practice at Slinger, we worked on the car every single night until 1:00am, sometimes later, but we still couldn't get the car back together, like we were hoping to. But, we still haven't missed a race since the crash.

May 20th-Rainout again!

May 27th- Second race. Car is back together!!!! Excited to get it out on the track, but was hoping to see how it handled and how it felt before we just raced again. So, during practice it seemed to be ok. Qualified 11. 9 . When the race started the first couple laps were good. But, I could feel that something wasn't right. The car seemed to be spinning out on the straight away. I started to get slower and I knew something was up. Sure enough, i had spun out on turn 3 and had to pull it in the infield. Shock broke. The shock that we already had replaced. It had broke in half, I have never seen that before. Not happy about it, but at least I didn't crash and it was easy enought to fix. Anything is better than what we had just done.

June 3rd- Third Race finished the race 16th

June 10- Finished 10th on the lead lap. Its finally getting to be more comfortable and more mentally prepared for the longer races.



April 27
Slinger, WI